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The Chairman of Higashi Osaka Chamber of Commerce and NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN
「Hyoda Instruments Corporation was selected as one of “2009 300 of Japan’s Dynamic Monodzukuri(Manufacturing)SMEs」

The high-performance products manufactured
by Hyoda Instruments Corporation are spreading from Japan to various countries in the world.
Hyoda is striving to ensure happy days in the future for the people and to protect the beautiful environment for the next generation.
Hyoda uses the thermosensing technology to see the tomorrow's world.
Warm now, and sense tomorrow! Hyoda thermometes the future.

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THERMOMETER FOR VEHICLE TRANSFORMER Thermometer for Traction Transformer
Since mobility has been remarkably improved in these days, high-speed and high-performance transportation systems, such as railroads, have been introduced to our daily lives. Hyoda's protective devices are used for these new transportation systems to ensure safe, efficient, and comfortable transportation. For the bullet trains of Shinkansen Lines, Hyoda's car thermometers and temperature detectors are adopted.

In March 1999, our head office and plant obtained the ISO 9001 approval.

Thermometer for Traction Transformer


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